Welcome Associate Sponsor: Barrier Fire Protection

Newcastle Speedway are delighted to welcome associate sponsor Barrier Fire Protection on board for 2020.

The foundations of Barrier Fire Protection originate from the demands of the North Sea Oil & Gas industry.

Based at Wallsend, Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom since 1975, Barrier Ltd were established and became prevalent in the offshore fabrication sector providing abrasive blasting, corrosion protection and industrial painting services.

Diamonds’ co-promoter, Dave Tattum said: “We really want to extend the hand of thanks to Barrier Fire Protection for this invaluable show of support to our new venture in 2020. The directors and staff have been brilliant to deal with in setting up this generous sponsorship arrangement. Deals like this are the lifeblood of speedway in the 21st century and Barrier Fire Protection have gone a long way to securing our future.”

Rob Grant added: “I want to add my sincere thanks to Barrier Fire Protection too by joining our association sponsors as their help will make our super-exciting 2020 season one of the best on record. With great backers, our season will only be better for everyone concerned, us, the riders, and the supporters! Roll on the end of March!”


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