Newcastle Speedway postpone their National League Gems’ season for 2020

While the Newcastle Speedway management are still forging ahead positively to bring Championship level Speedway to Brough Park at some point before the end of the season, the club have taken the decision to postpone their National League action until 2021.

Rob Grant, club owner and co-promoter said: “Under the circumstances of the current COVID-19 and uncertain times ahead, we have made the decision to postpone any involvement in the National League for 2020 for the Gems team due to the financial strains and logistics that pushing on with this project could cause.

“However, most certainly we are solid in our commitment to race at the sports’ third tier next year from March 2021. Its a hugely disappointing decision, but equally a very sensible one that had to be made.

“We are eagerly awaiting to discover what social distancing measures will be put in force by the UK Government and our landlords at Newcastle Stadium for the future months, and are more than hopeful that some Championship level action will take place later this year, and with that aim we are remaining positively active for that day, and are ready to roll and get the tapes up as soon as the go-ahead comes our way.”


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