Latest word from the 2020 Diamonds

​Newcastle “GEC” Diamonds club promoters, Dave Tattum and Rob Grant have been keeping a very keen eye on the current ongoing situation in the country, and on Saturday morning, had this to say: “Our fans can rest assured we are constantly monitoring everything that is being said by the UK Government and the BSPA with regard to any belated start to the 2020 British Speedway season.

“We think it’s fair to say, that while at the moment we cannot run, we are still hopeful that wheels will turn on UK tracks at some point this year. However it is completely dependant on the Government advice and of our own governing body, the British Speedway Promoters’ Association who will issue instructions as and when.

“At the Newcastle Greyhound Stadium we also have to be governed by the fact the stadium’s own staff are furloughed, and without them, that makes access to Brough Park extremely tricky stopping us holding meetings. On this awkward point we have put a proposal to Newcastle Greyhounds to resolve the issue of their furloughed staff so we can run if the green light is given, and we are currently awaiting a response.

“We’d like to say to our season ticket holders for 2020 that IF this season doesn’t happen then they have a choice of either rolling over their season tickets for the 2021 season, or, as we know people’s own individual financial situations are very different, if you want a ticket refund, then please contact us as the email address, and we will sort out things and advise you further.

“We would like to point out now that season tickets, other than those rolled over from this season, will not be available for purchase for the 2021 season.

“We would also like to comment on rumours that have been circulating of late that Newcastle Stadium were wanting to run Greyhound meetings on a Sunday in future, moving us to Monday nights, which would mean we would have to go to Premiership level as Monday is exclusively a Premiership night, which has caused a lot of concern. We spoke to the Greyhound management this morning (Saturday) and they have said they don’t wish to run the dogs on a Sunday, so we’re all good on that subject.”

Newcastle Speedway continue to receive daily updates on the future for 2020 and will report any further developments as they come through to the office.


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