Here it is!

Welcome to (y)our new Newcastle Speedway website.

After running with our old site since 2007 we all knew that it was way past its best as technology had moved on so much since it was originally launched. Back then it was up there with the top websites in the Speedway world but as time has moved on, we had to make the decision to retire the old site albeit a couple of years too late, so we do apologise for that.


Now we have this new site and hopefully it has everything that you need from a club site. Rather that listing all of the features, please browse away, have a good look around and check out all of the features & links.

With it being brand new we might experience some gremlins in the early days but hopefully not. If you feel that we have missed anything or have got anything wrong, please use the contact us form and let us know and we will do everything possible to rectify anything that needs looking at.

Here’s to 2020 with new management, 3 new teams and a new website to work along with them as well as our ever-improving social media outlets, including a brand new YouTube channel.


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