Diamonds’ message to supporters

The management of Newcastle speedway would like to put on record to the supporters, the plan moving forward following a lot of talk going around the region.
Co-promoter and owner Rob Grant has been working very hard behind the scenes to, hopefully, help Newcastle speedway thrive for years to come.
Grant has said from the outset that he intends to be involved with Newcastle for numerous years, and that as time progressed plans would be made to safeguard Newcastle speedways future long-term.

Grant said: “The current Covid-19 pandemic has hit businesses hard and has made a lot of them restructure the way they deal with day to day business. Newcastle Stadium is no different. As 2021 arrives, for what we hope will be a clean start, our immediate future at Newcastle Stadium is secure, however our long-term future at the venue is out of our control.

“I can confirm that it is with every intention that myself and the management of Newcastle speedway are looking hard and working with various councils and land agents to move the Newcastle Diamonds into a purpose-built venue for the security of the club’s future.
“This is something that is not going to happen overnight, but it is a move that gives the club more potential long-term.
“Many people will no doubt be gutted that we are thinking of pulling away from our historic site at Brough park, but with the uncertainty of the future, it’s something we have to plan for.
“I admit that while all the hard work of the 2019 winter has been washed out by Covid-19 I’m still positive about everything that is “Newcastle Speedway” and it’s with ambition and drive that if there was a good a time to start planning a new chapter at a new location, this is it!”
Grant would like to remind folk that this isn’t a statement saying Newcastle Speedway is in danger of being homeless as that’s far from the truth, but rather an honest statement about the club’s future moving forward.


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