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2 May 2022


The Newcastle promotion would like to bring you an update on the latest involving Bradley Wilson-Dean’s shoulder injury. Brad is due to see a consultant later this week to get more guidance on what’s needed to reduce the pain he is currently in. Doctors have pretty much confirmed that it’s an injury to his rotator cuff, and have already started physiotherapy. We are still unsure of a timescale at present, but we do wish him a speedy recovery!


George Congreve visited hospital in Birmingham last night, to be checked over after withdrawing from yesterday’s meeting, and complaining of chest pains and concussion. We are relieved to inform everyone that the hospital has given him a clean bill of health, other than confirming he has suffered from delayed concussion. As a result, this means that George has a mandatory nine day suspension due to this, meaning he will miss our home match against the Glasgow Tigers on Sunday. George will be back for our visit to Poole next Wednesday.


The promotion would also like to thank Max Clegg, who has spent a considerable amount of time helping George, whether that be with pointers, or equipment. Max has allowed George to use on of his engines, to see how we managed with it. We can all agree that George was more on the pace using this engine. George never ever gives up, and he definitely has something there, and as the season unfolds, and with the machinery he now has, it will give him the much needed confidence to develop into a good steady rider.


Co-promoter Rob Grant also commented that George has found life hard since coming to the UK, but has never stopped trying since arriving here. We now know with the right equipment; George is improving and is more on the pace. George is a pleasure to work with, and he has come from the other side of the world on recommendations that he will develop into a fine rider, if given a chance.

It will be great to his development as the season plays out, and hopefully at the end of the season he’s enjoyed a massive learning curve.

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