NewsGuest Change For This Sunday

28 April 2022
With new averages coming into effect on Sunday, 1st May, our plan has had to adapt.

As we had announced earlier this week, we had intended to have Richie Worrall guest for the injured Bradley Wilson-Dean on Sunday whilst we are at home against the Berwick Bandits. However, as new averages are to come into effect on Sunday, we are unable to use Richie Worrall due to these changes. We’d still like to thank Richie for last Sunday, and for initially agreeing to this Sunday as well.

Instead, we’ve asked Kyle Howarth to step in for us, and we’d like to thank Kyle for agreeing!

Ulrich Ƙstergaard will still be able to guest on Saturday for us away at Shielfield Park, the home of the Berwick Bandits.


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