NewsAn Apology From The Promotion

26 July 20210

Co promoters Rob Grant and Dave Tattum and team manager Steve Pate are truly devastated about the show the Diamonds put out last night and have sent a massive apology for all in attendance.

Co promoter Rob Grant says this performance isn’t acceptable and the lads all know there can not be a repeat.

“I can’t make excuses we were outclassed in every department and were shockingly bad from the gate. The lads know what to expect for next week as new track curator Graham Trollope has set the scene. They know what to expect the track to be like and can adjust accordingly.

The track was in fine fettle yesterday and having Graham Trollope on board certainly made a massive difference with the track riding well, possibly to well.

We are looking at all options now and hope that you can all continue to support your speedway at Newcastle in these trying times. We are doing our best with what’s available and are determined to keep given you all speedway at Newcastle.

So once again a massive apology for what you witnessed last night, it certainly left me feeling sour and embarrassed but rest assured we are working to make sure that performance is never repeated especially at home.”

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