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10 July 20210

Glasgow Tigers: 55

Newcastle GEC Diamonds: 35

SGB Championship

Newcastle’s last two meetings were, to many, a sign that the only way is up, however with the Diamonds at the Glasgow Tigers last night was always going to be the toughest test of the season, bar none.

In Heat One it was no surprise to see home number one, Craig Cook roaring away for victory, but James Wright and Ben Barker successfully held Broc Nicol at the back in a shared 3-3, while the Tigers took the early lead in Heat Two as Justin Sedgmen took the win over Wright and his fellow Tiger Connor Bailey, with Archie Freeman falling at the back, but remounted to finish the race in a 4-2, putting Glasgow 7-5 ahead.

Connor Mountain fell and was excluded from the rep-run of Heat Three, won by Max Clegg in another shared race, but Heat Four saw the Home side put four more points between the sides when Ulrich Ostergaard and Sedgmen overpowered Matty Wethers and Freeman in the 5-1 which took the scores to 15-9.

Following a Heat Five 3-3, Heat Six saw Wethers’ bike grind to a halt at the starting gate, ending his challenge before it had begun, while Barker gated well, Cook took him on the third lap to take the lead and the three points and negating the tactical substitute ride for which Barker was in for, as the scores moved on to 22-14, while the seventh was a share of the spoils when Ostergaard held Mountain and Clegg at bay with Bailey falling out of the race at the first attempt, leaving Newcastle still floundering by eight points, 25-17.

Following another share and a home 4-2, Glasgow stamped their authority down in Heat 10 despite Cook missing the gate, however with Nicol out in front, Cook passed both Mountain and Clegg to complete a home maximum to put Glasgow 37-23 ahead with Wright taking the Heat 11 tactical substitute, which Ostergaard took a massive victory over Wright and Barker in the shared heat, with Glasgow now 14 ahead.

Heat 12 was the killer blow to the Diamonds’ aspirations with a home 5-1 which initially saw Wright gate and take up the lead only for Sedgmen and Jensen to whip past him to ruin his efforts and take the maximum, the score, with three to go, now an unassailable 45-27.

New team manager, Steve Pate said: “Overall, this score didn’t do our lads justice in the effort they put in, and they deserved a better return, but where many would have expected us to get hammered out of sight, tonight has proved we’re a stronger prospect than people expect, and that makes us dangerous.”


Individual Riders’ Score Chart:


Glasgow Tigers 55 

1. Craig Cook (c) 3,3,2*,1,2 = 11+1

2. Broc Nicol 0,1,1*,3 = 5+1

3. Sam Jensen 2,N2,3,2* = 7+1

4. Ricky Wells 1*,1*,1,3 = 6+2

5. Ulrich Ostergaard 3,3,3,3,1* = 13+1

6. Connor Bailey (r) 1,FX,0,0 = 1

7. Justin Sedgmen(r) 3,2*,2,2,3 = 12+1


Newcastle GEC Diamonds 35

1. Ben Barker (c) 1*,3,2,1*,2,3 = 12+2

2. Adam Roynon – Rider replacement

3. Connor Mountain Fx,2,3,1,1,0 = 7

4. Max Clegg 3,1*,0,2 = 6+1

5. Matthew Wethers 1,R,2,0 = 3

6. James Wright (r) 2,2,0,0,2,0,1* = 7+1

7. Archie Freeman (guest) (r) 0,0,0,N = 0


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