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3 April 20211

Newcastle Speedway prioritise long term survival


​Never say the build-up for Newcastle Speedway’s new era is ever dull and uneventful, as the rollercoaster continues to rattle more news has come from the Diamond’s management this evening.


Hard work is going on with the stadium to make reopening viable financially, and it now looks that the Diamonds will only lose two meetings (The 90th Celebration and the British Under-21) with the extreme hope the season could now open at Brough Park on Sunday June 6th against the Edinburgh Monarchs in the second leg of the Knockout Cup, with the now usual start time of 4pm.


Diamonds’ boss, Rob Grant explained the Club’s goals of survival above all else, saying: “We know we will have to run with low crowds early on, by necessity, but we must thank the Stadium for their efforts in working with us to make sure we can operate with as decent an admission as we can, but it will be lower than we need, so we have had to cut our cloth to make sure we can survive, again an absolute necessity for long-term survival.


“Regrettably we have had to let Claus Vissing go, as we simply do not know what the travel restrictions are going to be, and with the guy expecting to travel a lot, it could have caused major issues for availability and push the travel costs very high indeed. We of course wish Claus well and he has said to us, that while he is absolutely gutted not to be with us this season, he fully understands the issues we have and supports the fact that we have to be financially secure to make sure the club survives not just this season, but long into the future.


“As a result, Ben Barker moves up to number one to take Claus’ place, and we can welcome back Connor Mountain back into our side, which is a relief for him as he had spent a load of cash in preparing for our initial team choice before the rules dictated, we had to make a change, and it was amazing he hadn’t been taken up by another Championship side, but we are delighted to extend out hand to him, and he is equally happy to re-join us and can’t wait to get back in action for us.


“I’ll be honest and say we know the side may not look the strongest on paper, but in 2021 I’m here to ensure the club lives to fight another day, to survive beyond this season and if that means we don’t win things this season then so be it. So long as we have a speedway alive and kicking in Newcastle, for us and all the fans to enjoy live speedway racing at, then this season HAS GOT TO COME FIRST! In future season we can of course, with a solid foundation, build onwards and upwards for success and start winning the trophies the loyal supporters deserve, but if we mess up money-wise in 2021, there might not even be a club to support, so survival comes first.


“We’re getting excellent support from the club’s sponsors and we should be able to weather this early season storm, but we also know the financial drain on our resources if we hadn’t taken charge and reduced costs dramatically, then we could have been in major strife. Overheads had to be slashed and at least now we are more confident that with the low crowds we are expecting in the early part of the season, we will be around to enjoy a long-life racing bikes.


“Tickets will have to be restricted on a first-come first-served basis and soon we’ll let everyone know how that will work.


“The big positive with our current team is they are all massive fighters, who will all give their very best to bring the most entertaining speedway and never give up all the way, and they’re all British-based which again be a benefit, including our adopted British-Aussie, Matty Wethers.


“As the season rolls on, and as circumstances change and open up, if we need to make team changes, then we can make changes, but again I must stress all the moves we’ve made are absolutely for the benefit of the immediate future and survival for Newcastle Speedway, and that had to take precedence over everything until we’re secure.”


Connor Mountain would also like to put a plea out to any potential sponsors for him out there to get in touch as soon as possible, every penny will be greatly appreciated.


Newcastle team now lines up as follows:


Ben Barker

Adam Roynon

Connor Mountain

Max Clegg

Matthew Wethers

James Wright

Joe Alcock

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  • John Skinner

    6 April 2021 at 11:34 am

    Well said Rob. We all want speedway to continue for more than season 2021 so if the side we have with Vissing out and Mountain in will be more cost effective then so be it. If it helps us survive 2021 that should be success enough to most true supporters. I live in dread of having to add Newcastle to my website !!!!!!
    Perhaps 2 or 3 of our new riders will out perform expectations and save the day


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