NewsTeam manager Darren Hartley on the 2021 line-up.

7 September 2020

While it seems like an eternity ago that Rob Grant took the reins of Newcastle Speedway, his organisation still has yet to roll a wheel in anger thanks to Covid-19, and wont now ’till spring 2021.
Grant’s new behind-the-scenes team have been hands-on ever since, and new team manager Darren Hartley had some great news to reveal: “We’re delighted to announce the same seven guys who agreed to race for us in the null-and-void season of 2020, have, to a man, agreed to come back with enthusiasm to race for us again next season.
“Every conversation was quick, easy and they’re all eager to get to grips with racing for the Diamonds in the fullness of time, so with that excellent signs of loyalty we are really looking forward to getting them into Byker next March and see what they can do.”
So, the Tyneside fans can again look forward to welcoming Matty Wethers, Claus Vissing, Max Clegg, James Wright, Ondrej Smetana, Nick Skorja and Connor Mountain, but Hartley went on to confirm other roles, adding: “Rob’s co-promoter, the hugely experienced Dave Tattum will be dealing directly with the authorities, organising all the paperwork needed by the BSPL and SCB as his level of experience can be invaluable in avoiding crucial oversights and keeping the administration rolling on smoothly.
“We’re looking forward to working with Steve Pate who leads the junior ranks, and this is an area we will be doubling our efforts in the future as it genuinely is where the roots of our future are bedded, and we’re already producing some top talent, but this is only the start, we need to push our youth policy hard next year.
“Add to this, Rachel Robley slotting in to the commercial side of things and we’re ready to roll, and we’re all backing Rob and his longer-term plans which will see the Diamonds race elsewhere in years to come, as it has to be the way to go, to be self-sufficient, so with typical Grant enthusiasm we fully expect to see things come to an incredible and satisfactory conclusion.”



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